What’s Cooking with Kids is a Certified Green business devoted to helping parents, teachers and homeschoolers use healthy cooking as a teaching tool.  Not only does cooking with kids reinforce academic learning, but it also helps them to develop healthy eating habits and skills to last a lifetime.

While we used to offer cooking classes and parties, I am now focused on cooking with kids curriculum development, speaking engagements and consulting.

Michelle Stern, Owner of What’s Cooking with Kids and Author of The Whole Family Cookbook:

After a post-collegiate stint at studying primate mating behaviour, I taught high school biology and environmental science for 5 years, ran What’s Cooking with Kids classes for 8 years, and then returned to the classroom for another 3 years of teaching.  

In the course of my 16 years of teaching, I wrote a cookbook called The Whole Family Cookbook and was invited to the White House to attend the launch of Michelle Obama’s Chefs Move to Schools Program.

I am currently focused on developing fun, exciting and educational cooking activities that integrate cooking with math, literacy and science.

These resources would be perfect for parents AND schools, homeschoolers, summer camps, after-school programs and families who care about raising children with healthy eating habits and life skills. My Cooking with Kids Curriculum is available on the What’s Cooking with Kids page at Teachers Pay Teachers.