What's Cooking with YOUR Kids – Maia's Take on Food in Norway

Since so many of you seem to enjoy hearing stories from parents and kids about their experience in the kitchen, I thought I’d open up the discussion a bit further.  Several of our friends were lucky enough to travel abroad this summer and they volunteered to share their food experiences with us.  I remember the days when we would only be able to eat in Asian restaurants because we knew the kids would eat rice, at the very least!  And now, they are growing up and are getting more excited about trying new foods.  I am not sure my own kids would be as adventurous as Maia, but they find stories like this one very inspiring and exciting.  Here goes…

My favorite foods in Norway are salmon, shrimp, waffles and red currants.

eating in Norway

Eating shrimp

In the morning for breakfast we have toast with a sweet brown goat cheese called Geitost.
For lunch, we have heart-shaped Norwegian waffles or toast.  You never eat waffles for breakfast.
For dinner, we sometimes fish and catch mackerel and serve it with potatoes and have a salad and cold scrambled eggs.  Sometimes we buy stuffed crab or smoked salmon.  For dessert we have sour red glossy berries called red currants with lots of sugar and the local ice cream by Henning Olsen.

Norway has many wild berries such as raspberries, blueberries and mini wild strawberries.  They also have many wild mushrooms, including chantarelles that we can eat.
I think Norwegian food is very good.

By Maia, age 8

Did you travel with your kids this summer?  Did you have any adventurous eating experiences that you’d like to share?  Please feel free to email them to me – I feature stories from readers (about cooking and eating) every Monday. It is my hope that we can inspire each other to spend more time in the kitchen and have fun playing with our food!

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3 Responses to What's Cooking with YOUR Kids – Maia's Take on Food in Norway

  1. Tickled Red says:

    Maia’s story is wonderful. My monkeys live at the beach and will only eat a little bit of fish. It took M1 catching his own flounder to try it. That may be the trick…having kids forage, hunt gather their own food might excite them to try new foods. Love this post.

  2. We love that you have your daughter write about what you are eating! We are all about active learning and think that this is a great way to promote creative writing skills while involving real life situations. Kudos!

    Jonathan from Little Partners

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