What’s Cooking with YOUR Kids: A Family Trip to China

I was excited to hear about my friend Laurie’s family trip to China over the summer.  Her daughter, Quincy, offered to share her thoughts about her experience…Take it away, Q.

Girl making Asian noodles

Making Noodles in China

China, food, people, and farms. But the food, the food I loved!  It was all so cool.  I admit, I didn’t eat all of it, but I did try some food that I would have never eaten in the United States.  We were also told that some Chinese eat fried grasshoppers in the night markets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also loved being in China because that’s the best place for me to improve on my Chinese.  I also think that it helped me a lot!!! If you ever go to China [even you are a kid] Eat the food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food in Chengdu, China

Food in Chengdu, China

In the photo above, where Quincy is making noodles, her family attended a noodle making demonstration. Her mom describes it like this… The Schoolhouse main building was Mutianyu’s primary school until the schools in our rural Bohai Township were consolidated in the early1990’s. The campus and nearby structures lay abandoned until early 2006 when the partners in our business, Jim Spear & Liang Tang and Julie Upton-Wang & Peiming Wang, took up a challenge from the mayor to give something back to the village where they’d had a weekend home for many years.

Does your family have a food adventure to share?

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  1. It is so neat that this little gal had this experience so far from home. The farthest we go these days with the kids is Colorado-but we still try to teach them whatever we can about local produce etc. A trip to China sounds amazing! I am psyched to meet you too at BlogHer next week 🙂

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