What’s Cooking with YOUR Kids, 12 year old Kayla

KaylaI am proud to introduce Kayla – my guest blogger this week.  Parents, this post is for you.  Kayla has some words of wisdom about how parents can encourage their kids in the kitchen.

Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself! My name is Kayla, I’m 12 years old (yes, I know, shocker!), and I am the author of the blog http://soyouthinkyoucancook.wordpress.com . On my website I blog about all of my cooking adventures and all things related to food. Cooking is my passion, and if my mom didn’t let me get adventurous in the kitchen, I probably wouldn’t be able to be such a great cook.

It is very important that parents allow their children to cook in the kitchen! Kids of different age levels can do different things in the kitchen.  If you have a child between the ages of 6 and 10,  you may want to cook with them, doing thinks like putting things in the oven and chopping up ingredients. However your children of that age group can do things such as measure ingredients and pouring olive oil into pans.  Children generally enjoy it when they are part of the process.

Older children can take on more important tasks in the kitchen. If you trust your child (after a couple one on one cooking lessons with them), you can leave them to prepare their own meals (yes, without your help, although you can check on them every now and then). When children prepare their meals without your help, they feel a sense of accomplishment (I know I do!). Even though you may be scared, let your children cook in the kitchen, you can check on them! 🙂

Before you allow your child to make their own dishes in the kitchen, spend a day with them teaching them different techniques, such as sauteing, putting the oven on, seasoning, peeling, washing, chopping an onion, and other cooking techniques. If you know that your child knows how to do all these cooking techniques on their own, let them be alone in the kitchen (of course you can check on them) making their own meals!

I hope all of you parents understand how important it is that your children know how to cook, and don’t always rely on someone to make their meals for them! Cooking can be fun, and it can also be a time to bond with your children. Cooking can also be something to do instead of staying on the computer or playing video games.

Bon appetit!

Does your child have a story they’d like to share about an experience with food or in the kitchen?  How about you?  My readers love to see how parents interact with their children in the kitchen.  The more stories we can share about cooking with kids, the more likely it is that other people will try it, too.  I post these stories every Monday and would love to share yours!

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  1. Nicole McMurray says:

    i think that for a 12 year old tht was really good i am 12 to and love to cook to

    way to go love, nicole 🙂

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