Thirsty Kitchen – Water Saving Tips for the Drought

Yes, we are in a drought.  If you live in California, it’s all we hear about.  But it doesn’t mean that you can use it as an excuse to avoid the kitchen.  Here are 10 easy water-saving strategies that you can implement in your drought kitchen right away.

Limit the water that goes down the drain.

  1. Get a small rubber tub to keep in your sink and some biodegradable soap.  Fill the tub with water to wash dishes or fresh veggies.  And when you are done, pour it outside to water some shrubs or wash down the dog run so that it doesn’t smell like pee (gross, I know.)
  2. This goes for the shower too.  Keep a bucket in the shower to catch the cold water as you are waiting for it to heat up.  Use that water to flush your toilet, water your plants, or fill your bird bath (they are thirsty, too).  Oops, this isn’t a kitchen tip.  Forgive me.
  3. An alternative to using a dish tub in the sink is to use one of your cooking pots.  This works extra well, since it ends up cleaning the pot and your other dishes too.
  4. Be sure not to let the water run while you scrub your dishes.  But that’s a no brainer.  Forget I mentioned it.
  5. Get a perforated pasta pot.  This is a handy
    Perforated Pasta Pot - saves water and is eco-friendly in a drought

    This pot from Williams Sonoma is a good example of a perforated pasta pot. There are many brands like it, but I like how the image shows how simple it is to leave the reusable water behind.

    device that allows you to lift out your boiled food (noodles or veggies), leaving the hot water behind.  Once it cools, you can use it to water your plants.

  6. Use a dishwasher…if you have one that is water and energy efficient.  It may seem counterintuitive, but dishwashers use less water than hand washing.  If foods are extra grimy, scrape off any food bits (we feed ours to the chickens) and then soak them in a dish tub.  See tip #1 for what we do with the leftover water.
  7. Have each person in your house use ONE drinking glass each day.  We keep ours at our respective seats at the table so that we don’t get them mixed up.  This limits how many glasses need to be washed daily.
  8. Don’t buy bottles of water – use a refillable and reusable bottle instead.  Prefer glass?  Use a repurposed mason jar.  The production of bottled water consumes WAY more water than is in the bottle, itself, contributing even further to the drought.
  9. Pour leftover ice cubes into a house plant (or your dog’s water bowl) instead of putting them in the sink.
  10. Wash your hands over the dish tub in the kitchen sink.  That one’s a win-win – clean hands and more water for other uses later!
  11. This one is a bonus, since I cheated on #2.  Steam veggies instead of boiling them.  Steaming requires much less water.  Don’t forget to save your steamed water and use it for something else after it cools.

For additional tips on saving water in your home (not just in a drought!), please visit: Water, Use It Wisely

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2 Responses to Thirsty Kitchen – Water Saving Tips for the Drought

  1. Sara Ripp says:

    This is a great article. I don’t think people realize how much water they waste when they are cooking! My dishwasher has a light wash setting, which really helps reduce water waste and my dishes have always come out just as clean as the regular setting.

    Also, I work for a company that manufacturers a water conservation device used in the shower called the Shower Manager. It cuts water flow by 2/3 at a preset time of your choosing. Our family installed one about a year ago in our shower and we have already saved hundreds on our water bills.

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