Sustainable Farms – Methane as Power not Pollution

On a recent farmer’s market tour with my students, we talked to a woman from the Strauss Family Creamery.  Here, she tells us about one of the unique ways that their farm is sustainable.  Instead of methane being released into the atmosphere as pollution, they use it for power!  Check it out:

I’d love to hear about one of the sustainable things that your family does to help the environment.  Do you recycle, compost, or grow your own food? Please share your story.  You can even send a photo – I might feature it on the What’s Cooking Blog!

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One Response to Sustainable Farms – Methane as Power not Pollution

  1. ben says:

    I live in the city, so not too many opportunities to practice farming. However, i do like cooking and try to use energy efficient kitchen appliances, recycle all food leftovers (in addition to regular recycling) and i grow some herbs and spices. Of course there are all the other things we try doing, like energy efficient light bulbs, turning off all electrical appliances when not used. using a master switch to turn power off completely on parts of the house not used etc..

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