Student Perspectives on Genetically Modified Foods

It’s a lucky coincidence that during the same week that Pink Slime is making it big in the news, my students and I are discussing whether or not most foods are “natural.”

After a week of extracting our own DNA and using some fancy borrowed equipment, my high school students are intrigued about the uses of biotechnology in the world.  Aside from their obsession with all things CSI and forensics, they were also curious about what is in the foods that they eat.  The concept of “fish-berries” had them baffled…and so began our discussion of Genetically Modified foods.

Please forgive the horrible quality of this video, and instead focus on the fact that a group of teenagers, who might otherwise be found texting with their friends or guzzling neon blue energy drinks, were engaged in a valuable debate about GMO’s.  I am pretty dang proud, in case you were wondering!

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