School Lunches: Scratch Cooking IS Possible

I have been working with a tireless group of passionate parents to reform our local school food.  Although we are making HUGE progress, we keep hearing about reasons why things aren’t even better.  We don’t have enough money. We don’t have enough equipment.  Our staff needs more training.

Okay.  Let’s deal with it.  Let’s see if we can make do with what we have.  Chef Bruno visited our central kitchen recently, to show us how to cook Barilla Plus pasta with the resources we already have.

Take a peek at what is possible…

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3 Responses to School Lunches: Scratch Cooking IS Possible

  1. tanya burdick says:

    So I am curious, did the HS get the pasta salad? did it go over well? looked pretty good, but not sure why the chicken was needed. thanks for the video!

  2. Michelle Stern says:

    They sold the pasta salad at lunch, but we also had a table and gave out samples to see what the students thought. We had poster paper available for the students to write what they thought of the recipe – they loved it. Even though the pasta has protein in it, their nutrition requirements may have indicated that more protein was needed. I would have left it out, personally – I can’t stomach factory farmed chicken…

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