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This delightful book skips over the rhetoric and simply shows how good, straightforward home-cooked food can be fun and delicious. I appreciate the clarity and joy in these pages—and the ease with which MIchelle conveys her contagious love of food and family togetherness. Especially important: the recipes are spot-on.
~ Mollie Katzen, author of Moosewood Cookbook and Pretend Soup

If we are going to change children’s relationship to food, save their health and the health of our planet — then we need to find our kitchens again.  To teach our children the symbiotic relationship between healthy food, a healthy earth, and healthy kids, we need to shop, cook and grow together. The Whole Family Cookbook is a wonderful and delicious tool to help us all eat better, feed our kids well and teach them about good food. ~ Chef Ann Cooper, The Renegade Lunch Lady

  • Hey What’s For Dinner Mom?: My kids “willingly ate (the tofu) and dare I say enjoyed it.  The dipping sauce is AMAZING and makes this recipe sing.”
  • My Kitchen Addiction: “It truly is a cookbook that is appropriate for the whole family!”
  • In The Kitchen with Audrey: “I credit Michelle for expanding not only the palates of the girls but myself as well.”
  • A Farmgirl’s Dabbles: “…our girls gobbled it up!”
  • Gluten Free Girl and the Chef: “Her kind and thoughtful book is meant to help busy families make healthy meals together. Of course we wanted to help spread the word about this.”
  • Mom It Forward: “I have always been impressed with (Michelle’s) passion and dedication to school lunch reform as well as her encouragement for families to get into the kitchen and cook, together.”
  • Work, Wife, Mom…Life: “Michelle’s site is awesome because she is not only passionate about having the whole family cook together, but she makes it easy! (Hear that working mamas?)”
  • My McDonald Meal: (On letting her daughter cook from the book…)”Mom: What did you think about cooking the recipe all by yourself?  Daughter: I thought I never could do that, but I did! I want to keep cooking.”
  • La Fuji Mama: “Tips are sprinkled throughout the book, as well as suggestions for ways you can use a particular recipe for teaching a particular concept to your kids.”
  • Bluebonnets & Brownies: “What I’ve come to know about Michelle is that she has an all-encompassing passion for getting kids interested and enthused about good food that is good for you.”
  • Walking By The Way: “Mom, this tastes like lemonade and sunshine.”
  • Simple Scratch Cooking: “Michelle’s (baked apple puff) recipe re-ignited my lust for making this pretty easy dish, and the eggs lend a protein punch, making it a perfect breakfast-for-dinner meal.”
  • $5 Dinners: “…it gives me a sense of what new skills I should be teaching the boys in the kitchen!”
  • Sugarcrafter: “(Michelle) has inspired me that it is possible to feed my family delicious and wholesome food, even on a budget. And, the recipes are fun to make!”
  • Simple Bites: “It’s a cookbook for the modern, eco-conscious family that enjoys the simple pleasures of home cooking.”
  • My Baking Addiction: “It will get you excited about dragging a stool into the kitchen and allowing your little one to crack eggs, measure flour, stir batters, and a myriad of other little-hand suitable tasks.”
  • Confessions of a Cookbook Queen: (About her video review…) “I set about making a cooking video with my little boy. I may or may not have bribed him with promises of adoring fans and fame and fortune.”
  • The Toddler Cafe: “Matthew photographed and I styled the recipes and we had a great time doing it. When you get two Jewish girls who love food together how can you NOT have a good time?”
  • What’s Gaby Cooking? “…it was our first time baking with yeast together and it wasn’t a failure – woohoo”
  • Food with Kid Appeal: “The book has a way of saying “this should be on your table. Soon.””
  • Hippo Flambe: “Michelle offers some insightful guidance to getting your children to eat healthy for the long term.”
  • Food Blogga: “While some recipes are clearly geared to kids, such as “Turkey Toes,” a healthy riff on chicken nuggets, most will be happily eaten by kids and adults alike.”
  • Meal Makeover Moms: “The book is filled with easy-to-make recipes, written in a way that encourages kids to help in the preparation.”
  • “This cookbook gives your family the resources you need to cook delicious, local food in any season.”
  • Les Petits Chefs: “I couldn’t think of a better resource to use with this group of Petits Chefs!”
  • Marin Mommies: “The book is also filled with Michelle’s practical advice and tips on cooking with kids, culinary techniques, finding the best local and natural foods, green living, and more.”
  • I Am Baker: “It was my first flourless chocolate cake ever.I gotta tell you… I love it.  The flavor is so rich and deep and decadent.  Its sexy.  Its mouth watering.  Sublime.”
  • Good Life Eats: “It’s not just a book of family-friendly recipes, but a hands-on, educational tool for anyone who wants to teach their family about responsible cooking and eating.”
  • Daily Bites, A  Day In the Life of Michelle Stern
  • Bake at 350: Michelle Stern is the woman responsible for my child uttering these words, “Will you call Dad and ask him to pick up some kale on his way home?” Yes. My child. Said. Those. Words.
  • Kitchen Explorers, PBS Parents, “We love the combination of flavors in this frittata from The Whole Family Cookbook, and the way the apples and cheddar melt into the dish.”
  • Foodie Tots, “If there’s such a thing as a family food superhero, my friend Michelle Stern surely is one.”
  • Deliciously Organic, “(Michelle’s viewpoint reflects her) drive and passion to change the lives of those around her with food.”
  • One Hungry Mama, “Michelle is a passionate, thoughtful leader who cares deeply about healthy eating and green living. She’s basically a superhero. And her book is exactly what you’d expect from a green living, spatula wielding super cook.”
  • What’s Cooking with A video showing a few recipes from the book, our garden and the backyard chickens…
  • My Carolina Today: Parenting expert, Amy McCready, explains how The Whole Family Cookbook can help parents avoid mealtime struggles with children
  • Eating Rules: “(Michelle’s) in the trenches of the food revolution — helping people, especially busy families, get back in the kitchen and cook good food from scratch.”
  • Urban Mamas: “There are a lot of books on cooking with or for kids on the bookstore shelves right now, and this is a rare one that avoids judgment or preachiness, while at the same time embracing the concept of involving our kids in good food decisions.”
  • Tidy Mom: “…what kid doesn’t love to crack 10 eggs!”
  • Feed Our Families: “My favorite element of the book is that, for every recipe she tells us what steps are appropriate for our children based on their age. Brilliant!”
  • Ben and Me: “Unfortunately for me, (Michelle’s) business is in San Francisco, quite a drive from Kentucky. So we’ll have to settle for the next best thing, her inspiring cookbook!”
  • Meal Planning Magic: “From the first taste (of kale chips) I was hooked! And the kids were hooked. We could not stop eating them! Hooray for a new healthy snack!”
  • Healthy Child Healthy World: “I knew it was going to be brilliant when my kids picked it up before I did, started paging through it, and repeatedly expressed how they couldn’t wait to try all the recipes.”
  • Today I Ate a Rainbow: “I never knew I could make my own granola.  I never want to buy store granola again.” ~ Hannah, age 7
  • Three Many Cooks: “…in order to teach kids to love food, you have to cook with them. And that’s exactly what Michelle’s book does.”
  • Savoring the Thyme: “I enjoy her perspective on feeding her children and family.”
  • The Adventures of My Family of 8: “The day that The Whole Family Cookbook arrived I literally sat on my back porch swing and read the whole thing.”
  • Cook That Book: “Michelle offers advice on what kitchen tools are kid-friendly and how best to get kids excited about good food without having to resort to using tricks or bribes.”
  • Daily Candy Kids:  Every neo-hippie mom dreams that one day her kids will devour quinoa with the gusto usually reserved for mac ’n’ cheese. So did local mom and What’s Cooking with Kids founder Michelle Stern. Which is why she gathered some of her greatest (and easiest) hits in The Whole Family Cookbook.
  • Food For My Family: For a new generation of responsible cooks, I am thrilled to be able to let my kids thumb through the pages of this book and choose what they want to make for dinner.


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