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It’s probably not a surprise that one of the things that floats my boat is getting kids excited about community service.  Many years ago, when I was teaching summer cooking camps, I came up with the idea to decorate placemats with children, and then send them to children in the hospital.  Everyone I spoke to, including the hospital, told me that this was a fantastic idea.  Then, I was crushed to discover that the hospital had changed their policy and was no longer going to accept cards (or placemats) for their patients.  They were concerned about germs and also had to spend too much of their time making sure that the items didn’t contain inappropriate sentiments.  (For example, they didn’t want a terminally ill child to get a card or placemat that says, “Get Well Soon.” ) While it broke my heart, I understood.  And then I put away our placemats, waiting for Plan B.

Placemat Community Service Project with Kids

In my final week of cooking camp at our local Jewish Community Center, the kids opted to do a Placemat Community Service Project for local seniors in an assisted living facility.   They especially loved that they could bring some happiness to these people during mealtime.

I’d love to hear your ideas for phrases or sentiments to include on paper placemats for a community service project!  Would you include cartoons, jokes or stickers?  Please share in the comments below.

p.s.:  You can find paper placemats at your local restaurant supply store.  I got ours at Cash and Carry, but they also sell them at Smart and Final.



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3 Responses to Placemat Community Service Project

  1. phyllis says:

    wait, did my comment go through?

    trying again:-)

    i love this!!!! too bad about the hospital but i bet the seniors adored the placemats!!!

  2. Kristen says:

    This is such a brilliant idea and I bet has brightened the lives of many at mealtime!

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