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Student eating - educational cooking classes for kidsStaff Development: How and Why to Cook with Kids

After spending 8 years as a high school biology teacher, and another 8 teaching children of all ages to cook, I am uniquely qualified to support teachers in the integration of cooking activities into their existing curriculum.  Cooking doesn’t have to feel like an “extra” activity or a burden.  My staff development workshops will help teachers, after school programs and instructional aides to understand the benefits of cooking with kids, what is developmentally appropriate, and the logistics of cooking in the classroom.

If you are not located in the San Francisco Bay Area, no problem! I can conduct staff development workshops via FaceTime or Skype.  Workshops will include my Ultimate Guide to Cooking with Kids in the Classroom for each participant.  And since our workshop will be interactive, I’ll include a handout of what we will talk about so that you won’t have to focus on taking notes :-)

Please contact me for pricing information and scheduling.

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