Speaking Engagements – Overview

They say it takes a village, and here at What’s Cooking, I can help by offering educational presentations for the influential adults in the lives of children – parents, teachers, daycare providers, and after school program staff.

My goal is to bring families together in the kitchen and around the table, setting the stage for healthier lifestyle choices.  By presenting information in a group environment, I hope to generate ongoing dialog and support within your community. I encourage an active Question and Answer period to get to the heart of your concerns, then urge you to continue the discussion amongst yourselves.

Whether you want to know how to cook with your kids or groups of kids, need to improve their food choices or your own, need help overcoming every day feeding challenges, or want to keep a greener kitchen, I’ve got you covered.  I can introduce you to age appropriate tools and recipes, share time-tested strategies for less than cooperative kids, or provide sample lesson plans that combine state content standards with fun cooking activities to do with kids.

Group presentations are suitable for:

  • Mom and parenting groups
  • PTAs
  • Teacher and staff development
  • Daycare providers
  • Homeschool parent groups

I am happy to tailor a presentation for your group.

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