National Pizza Day {and a Giveaway}

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In all of my years of teaching cooking classes, my favorite tools to use with kids were always my knives from Curious Chef.  They were shaped just like regular knives and they were sturdy and safe to use.  They didn’t sponsor my classes, or pay me to use their knives.  It was an authentic, genuine love.

With National Pizza Day approaching on May 20, it felt like the perfect time to share a new Curious Chef pizza kit with you.  And by share, I mean GIVE AWAY!  But first, let’s talk about how to have a family pizza night that everyone will love!

Curious Chef pizza kit

We have always been a fan of breakfast buffets – where we can walk past more options of fresh foods than we can count, each customizing a plate to suit our personal preferences or dietary needs…We rarely find these types of buffets around home, but they bring up fond memories of the family vacations that my grandparents took us on when we were young.

How to Host a Pizza Night Buffet

Why not host a buffet of your own – but at home, and focused on pizza fixin’s?  All you need to do is buy some of your favorite pizza dough (I like the one from Trader Joe’s) or make a big batch of your own.  Here are some pizza dough recipes you can try:

Then, just do a little chopping, slicing and dicing of your favorite pizza toppings, and set them out in a series of bowls on the counter, buffet style.

  • My daughter loves sautéed mushrooms (but my son won’t touch them!).
  • We also adore sliced olives or the olive tapenade that comes in a jar from Trader Joe’s (you’ll notice a trend here – it’s one of my favorite places to shop).
  • My daughter and I mostly meatless – but the boys adore salame on their pizzas.
  • For years, our daughter wouldn’t touch marinara sauce, so we always had some pesto sauce on hand as an alternative.  Fortunately, her palate is expanding and we can all enjoy some red sauce on our pizzas.  After all of these years, though, we seem to have developed a preference for adding a dollop of pesto, mixed into the marinara.
  • The icing on the cake?  Or should I say, the cheese on the pizza?  Fresh mozzarella or burrata, torn into little chunks…

Finally – give everyone a hunk of dough, let them stretch it, roll it, and shape it as they please onto a sheet pan.  They can spoon the sauce of their choice (or use them all!) onto their dough, and then add their favorite toppings.  Finish it off with some shredded mozzarella, some of the fresh stuff, or a combination of the two.  In our family, we can fit our 4 personal pizzas onto two sheet pans, which we can bake simultaneously – just make sure you rotate the pans at least once during the cooking process so that they cook evenly.

Want to Win a Pizza Tool Kit for Kids?

And now – the GIVEAWAY!  The Curious Chef 3 Piece Pizza Set features a silicone spatula for spreading sauce or scooping wayward toppings back onto the pie; a kid-safe nylon pizza cutter for making perfect slices; and a nylon pizza server to dish it all out.  With this kit, you will be all set to host your own pizza buffet!

Curious Chef Pizza Kit Giveaway

To enter, please follow the directions in the form below.  A winner will be chosen at random at 12:00 a.m. on May 21, midnight of National Pizza Day!

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  1. Marci says:

    We love our Curious Chef knives, great giveaway!

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