Media Literacy with Teens – Spoof Ads

It should come as no surprise that a lesson on media literacy would accompany our big food unit in Biology.  With food porn from Carl’s Junior, weight loss advertisements, diet foods, teensy snack packages, and other not-so-subtle messages, food ads carry a pretty powerful message.  I wanted my students to understand a few things about the real world:

  1. Women do NOT look like that.
  2. Men should not expect women to look like that.
  3. You don’t need to make love to your food in the back seat of a car to be sexy.
  4. Men should not expect women to behave that way.
  5. Buying food products will not get you more friends. Or dates.  Or sex.
  6. Eating a balanced diet in moderation and getting regular exercise is the ONLY way to stay healthy, regardless of what the media tells you.

After doing a food advertisement scavenger hunt online, I asked my students to create a spoof food advertisement of their own.  And I am VERY proud of what some of my students created.  This is one example…


Filmed and edited by Bradley Virshup; acting by Chris Cano

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2 Responses to Media Literacy with Teens – Spoof Ads

  1. Amber says:

    Love this! They did an amazing job. You SHOULD be proud. 🙂 Wish I’d have had a teacher like you in high school.

    • Michelle Stern says:

      Thanks Amber. The students loved watching this movie – and had fun exploring the ways that media exploits them. I only hope it makes them think a bit more about the choices they make and why they make them!

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