Life Has No Reset Button – So Organize the Kitchen

When life feels out of control, I like to purge.  It somehow gives me the sensation that I am in charge.  Of something.  But usually not the things that matter.  It makes no difference, though – it still leaves me feeling somewhat more satisfied.

Lately, I can’t escape the feeling that I am caught in a cyclone.  Our son’s transition back home started smoothly, but is rapidly leading back to where we began.  My daughter’s riding instructor asked her how I was coping, and she replied that I am on such an organizing kick that pretty soon there will be “nothing left in my room but my bed and a sheet.”  Yikes. Maybe I should tone it down a bit?

Like any good student, I enjoy diving into an assignment.  Luckily for me, my online plant-based cooking class with Rouxbe recently assigned a task that fits right into my current mindset.  In order to be truly successful in the kitchen (and life?), it’s important to re-set your space (and outlook?) so that you can be organized from the get go.  The assignment was to go through our refrigerator and pantry so that we would know where our ingredients are, and to be sure that they contained the basic materials that we would be needing for our course.

organized refrigerator

I am trying to keep the refrigerator stocked with a variety of fresh veggies – and like to store them in the drawers.  I am also a huge fan of storage boxes (glass ones are my favorite) and currently have some carrots, bread dough, kale and cooked wild rice among the shelves.  You don’t see the other door of the refrigerator, which has loads of other condiments and our milk and yogurt (which are not part of the plant-based class, of course).

organized pantry

Our pantry shelves are very deep, so it’s particularly challenging to store items and then not lose them for all eternity behind newer ingredients.  On the top shelf, I have tried to stock like items with like (beans together, tomatoes together, etc).  I am proudest of my storage drawers on the second shelf.  I love to store dry goods in jars, especially because it is easy to see the contents.  The top left drawer contains dried beans and legumes.  The one below contains different types of rice and other grains.  The middle set of drawers contains pasta, divided into gluten-free on one level and traditional on the other.  The right bins contain snack bars on the top, and dried fruits, nuts and popcorn below.  One perk of doing this assignment was that I discovered ancient items that had long since gone rancid, and made space for fresher items that we are sure to use.

Purge.  Breathe.  Organize.  It’s the best I can do for now…

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  1. Rochelle says:

    Where are your wire drawer organizers from?! Love them.

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