Lesson Plans Aren’t Just for the Classroom

It has finally come and gone – the start of the new school year. And for the first time in several years, I didn’t return to the classroom with my children and former students.  After losing my job, I wasn’t sure how I would handle the transition.  But I am handling it.  Because I have to.

Of course, I couldn’t resist thinking about what I would have done on the first day of school with my students.  How would I have inspired them or lit the spark to encourage them to try harder than ever before?  While I didn’t get the chance to implement a lesson plan in the classroom, I did have the opportunity to use one in my kitchen.

Yep, I said “in the kitchen.”  It turns out that planning meals and implementing recipes is a lot like planning lessons.  Being organized is key, and it helps to have a goal of what you hope to accomplish.  My Rouxbe online cooking class explained the process perfectly with their Map of Cooking.

I’m curious – how has effective planning in the kitchen impacted your cooking experience?  Or maybe you can share your struggles when you just “go for it” instead?

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