Kitchen Organization – Cabinet Makeover

Kitchen Organization - Cabinet Makeover

It’s hard to believe that we have only been in our new home for two and a half months.  Aside from doing a few energy upgrades and painting the kitchen cabinets, there weren’t many big projects that we wanted to do right away.  But of course, as a home gets lived in, little problems begin to reveal themselves, and another item got added to the list.  As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen – and being the control freak that I am, I like to be organized.

Kitchen organization is key to my workflow – so when I quickly realized that I was losing items in the pantry cabinet, I knew that I had to do something.  Here is what the cabinets looked like – but keep in mind that we haven’t been living here long, so they aren’t as disastrous as they would have been if we were here longer.

Kitchen organization - cabinet makeover

Some of the challenges that we faced, aside from the sagging shelves that threatened to slip off of their little brackets:

  • I am petite.  Short.  Height challenged.  That meant that I could hardly reach the items in the back of the top shelves
  • The depth of the shelves meant that if an item got pushed back too far, I couldn’t see it – it was now in no-man’s-land.  Buh-bye…

Kitchen organization - cabinet makeover

  • My make-shift coated wire drawers (from The Container Store) were a life saver.  They enabled me to group like-items together and also gave me some additional height on an inefficient shelf.

Kitchen organization - cabinet makeover

  • The cereal boxes had to go on their sides – so it was the luck of the draw if my son remembered to clip the bags closed.  Otherwise it was spill city.
  • The bottom shelf was uncharted territory – it was hard to reach and the depth made it easy to lose items unless I hunkered down, commando style, on my stomach.

Kitchen Organization – Cabinet Makeover to the Rescue

I looked online and tried to find a solution that we could install ourselves. It was amazing how many dealers were out of business.  On our local Nextdoor website, someone recommended Walt from Drawer and Shelf Solutions.  He came to my house, talked with me about my needs, and proposed this solution.  Just a few weeks later, he returned, with pieces and tools in hand – and did the installation in under two hours!

Kitchen organization - cabinet makeover
Kitchen Organization – Problems Solved:

  • My oils and other tall bottles can stand nicely on a roomy shelf (with a tall back, in case one tips over).  I can roll each shelf, out so that even with my slight stature, I can reach EVERYTHING.  Yep – everything.
  • The shelf for cans and other stumpy items rocks my world. Cans can be on their sides (with the labels facing up, of course) so that I can see what I have.
  • Since I am not losing items in the back of the deep shelves, I won’t buy extra items that I didn’t know I already had.  You know you have done it too…

Kitchen organization - cabinet makeover

  • I swiped some of the coated wire drawers from the units I had before, just to keep similar items grouped together. Now they don’t flop over, either.
  • I can see my jars.  Oh, how I love storing bulk goods in jars.  I know what I have and when I need to put refills on my grocery list.

Kitchen organization - cabinet makeover

  • Look – the cereal is standing up!
  • The pull-out shelf on the bottom means that I can see what’s in there.  I have a bunch of extra spices in the little box, in case I need a refill.
  • I also use it to store extra empty jars so they are handy for food storage.

Kitchen Organization - Cabinet Makeover

What’s the biggest problem area of your kitchen? Have you found a good solution?  I encourage you to share in the comments below. xo M.

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3 Responses to Kitchen Organization – Cabinet Makeover

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  2. What a wonderful conversion Michelle – I am so envious! The slide out drawers are a dream come true for those of us who are height challenged. 🙂 Congratulations on a beautiful new pantry!

    • Michelle Stern says:

      Thanks Jane! Now I have to get you back here to see it in person. Loved having you here for our yogurt class 🙂 xoxo M

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