Improving School Lunches with Sprouted Wheat Bread

Unless you live in a cave, you know that school food has a bad reputation.  I am excited to report that in our district, at least, it’s getting better.

Our food service director surprised me with an invitation to visit Alvarado Street Bakery in Petaluma, where she plans to source the bread for our school district next year.  My food service advisory committee colleague, Susannah, and I went to learn more about their sprouted wheat breads and got to see the inside workings of the bakery.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to film inside the bakery, but I did capture a brief discussion of the nutritional benefits of sprouted wheat bread and why it will be good for our students.

A Review of Bread Vocabulary

(Thanks to an article from the LA Times for this description…)

  • Whole-wheat bread is made by grinding wheat kernels — comprised of a vitamin-rich germ, a protein- and carbohydrate-dense endosperm and an outer shell called the bran — into whole-wheat flour.
  • White bread is made by removing the wheat kernel’s germ and bran, grinding up only the endosperm into flour.
  • Sprouted-grain breads are made from wheat kernels (often called wheat berries) that are allowed to sprout and then ground up and baked into bread. Because the kernels are not ground into flour, such breads are often referred to as “flourless.” (Sprouted-grain breads do, however, contain gluten — so they are no easier to metabolize for people who are unable to digest this wheat protein.)

What’s the bread situation in your school district?

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2 Responses to Improving School Lunches with Sprouted Wheat Bread

  1. mary says:

    I am a certified Teacher of Vibrant Living on Live Food by Alissa Cohen world renown. I am in love with your Alvarado St. Sprouted Barley Bread!!!! I crave it and have invented many sandwiches and other living foods that I just can not wait to prepare them and devour them. My power point presentation recommends it. I would like to know what other items do you have including live pizza dough. Thank you sooo much. You are part of my health and anyone I touch with your gift. God Bless You.

  2. mary says:

    Is your bread dehydrated? I soooo much would prefer it!

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