Guest Expert – Sustainable Farming and Pink Slime

As you can imagine, while I was building What’s Cooking with Kids, I met some amazing people who care about good food and the health of our planet.  I never expected that I’d meet farmers via Twitter – but that’s how I met Rod Morrison, the owner of Rocky Mountain Organic Meats.  We both care deeply about how animals are treated and about preserving the land for future generations.

When I was hired to return to the classroom to teach high school biology this year, I promised Rod that I’d somehow incorporate a unit on food systems ecology into the class…and that I’d be honored if he could visit us virtually through Skype.  Last week, my goal came true, and Rod took the time out of his busy schedule to hang out, answer student questions, and talk with us about the importance of sustainable agriculture.

P.S. Please forgive the silly formatting of this video clip.  I wanted to record our conversation and downloaded a trial of some Skype recording software the morning of our call – and didn’t have time to practice.  Hopefully this will be the first of many exciting guest visits into my biology classroom!

Do you have suggestions for experts that you and my students might like to (virtually) meet?

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