Growing Green Onions in the Kitchen

After teaching children about sustainable food for nearly 10 years, I have been hankering to grow more of my own food.  I have never exactly had a green thumb, probably because I am easily distracted and don’t water my garden often enough.  Since I wont’ be teaching full time in the classroom next year, I should have plenty of time to get outside, water my plants, and work on my goal of growing more of our own food.

Since I am motivated by success (who isn’t?), I thought I’d start with something simple – an experiment to see if I could grow and maintain a bunch of green onions inside my kitchen.

growing green onions in a jar

I simply started with a bunch of green onions from the farmer’s market, trimmed off the tall green tops for dinner, and plunked the root ends into a jar filled with water.  I stored the jar in our kitchen greenhouse window, and waited.  In a matter of just a few days, the green onions started growing new shoots! As far as maintenance goes, all I do is replace the water in the jar every other day.  And that’s it.  I’ll see how long I can keep these guys alive – but in the meantime, I have a living bouquet.  If they flower, I’ll bring them outside so they might be pollinated and offer me seeds to sow.

Do you have a green thumb? Feel free to share any suggestions for backyard crops that will be hard for me to kill this season.

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  1. Biszkopt says:

    I like green onions 🙂

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