Forget the Boy Band – Here’s a Boy Blogger (Fighting Hunger)

Brian BakesIt takes a lot to be a kid these days.  In addition to school and social obligations, there are extra curricular activities…and then for special young people, they even make time to make the world a better place.  I am proud to feature Brian, a rock star “boy-blogger”…which in my opinion, is much better than a “boy band” any day.

My name is Brian Kaner I am a 12 year old, 6th grader. I am working on a community service (Mitzvah) project for my Bar Mitzvah. My Bar Mitzvah is on October 29th, 2011. I chose Share our Strength because they are feeding hungry children. I also liked their Great American Bake Sale. I started by wanting to do a real live bake sale but I couldn’t find a place to hold it. While I was looking my mom sent an e-mail to her friends asking to buy some baked goods. Within minutes got an order for a lemon poppy seed cake.

I started my bake sale in August 2010. The first few weeks my recipes were very basic; only using eggs, butter, flour and sugar.  Once I got the hang of these basic cookies, I learned how to make more advanced recipes.

I now have 100’s of things I can make with an online website for orders. ( I am amazed how cool people think my bake sale is. I think I am doing something normal. I have had articles written about me in the Dallas Morning News, the Texas Jewish Post, and my neighborhood newsletter. One neighbor thought the project was so amazing she wrote about me in her Church’s Newsletter. I have had support from friends, family and people I have never met before. A professional chef even donated her time to teach me to make some pastries.

I have learned how to bake new and complicated recipes. Because, I go to school, I am a boy scout, play sports and the euphonium, I have learned how to manage my time by making lists. I also learned how caring and helpful others can be. I am glad I chose this project. I want all kids to know they can make a difference.

On January 2nd, 2011 I was able to make my first $1,000 donation to Share our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale.

I’d love to know about any special young people that you know who are using food to make a difference!

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11 Responses to Forget the Boy Band – Here’s a Boy Blogger (Fighting Hunger)

  1. Catherine says:

    Well done Brian! You are an inspiration to bloggers everywhere, of all ages!

  2. Amanda says:

    This child is AMAZING!!! So inspiring!

  3. naomi says:

    Wow. Love seeing determined and passionate kids like this.

  4. Such an inspiring and motivating story… Way to go, Brian!

  5. Inspiring. *high five* Brian!

  6. Lydia says:

    Brian, you’re a rock star!

  7. Brian! This is great! So nice to “meet” you!!!

  8. Ruth Ann says:

    Wow Brian, your project to raise money for Share Our Strength is amazing- Great job!
    My 12 year old daughter Charlie has a blog too. You guys should chat about what you enjoy best about baking. Her blog is

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