Farmer's Market with Kids: Scavenger Hunt

Sometimes it seems as if the most popular areas of the farmer’s market at the bouncy house and the puppet show.  But armed with a few ideas, families with children can have an educational adventure as they explore the farmer’s market aisles.

The most popular day of our cooking camp is always our walking field trip to the farmer’s market.  We eat our way through the crowd, juice dripping from our chins, and talk to farmers.  We always learn about sustainability, good farming practices, hard work, and of course, flavor.

Andrew, co-owner of Full Belly Farm, gave my students a job today.  Come close – he wanted it to be a secret:

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Want some more learnin’? How about doing a scavenger hunt?  Go on a quest for:

Find a yellow fruit. What is it?
Find a yellow vegetable.  What is it?
Find a purple food with an interesting shape.  What is it?
Find a red food that is bigger than your fist.  What is it?
Find a green food that you have not tasted before.  What is it?
Taste an organic strawberry and one that conventionally grown (not organic).  Compare the flavor.  Which one tastes better?
Find something that grows on a vine/underground/on a tree:
Ask 3 people if a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable (it’s a fruit!).
What are two examples of a “stone fruit?” Taste them and say which one you liked better.
Ask 4 farmers what time they woke up this morning.  How far did they have to drive to get to the market?
Find two stands that sell peaches.  How do their prices compare?   Why might one be more expensive than the other?

A favorite from last year was our visit to the Scream Sorbet booth. We learned about how they use produce from the farmer’s market and then sell it back at the same market – talk about coming full circle!

What was your most interesting discovery at the farmer’s market?  I’d love for you to share!

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2 Responses to Farmer's Market with Kids: Scavenger Hunt

  1. Cristie says:

    Love the scavenger hunt game. I hope my kids won’t be too shy to try it. What fun.

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