Easy Vegetarian Skillet Tacos

skillet tacos

We are on the tail end of hosting a delightful French exchange student.  While was only here for a week (her smoking habit aside), I’d love to keep her for a little longer.  Her enthusiasm for everything I cooked made me feel appreciated, which is something that doesn’t come easy during “normal” parenting…

During Aline’s visit, I often found that we were rushed between school and social activities – but this lunch came together easily.  I used leftover chili from the batch I made last week, some cheese that I grated in the Cuisinart (to save time…and my knuckles!), and our favorite corn+wheat tortillas from Trader Joe’s.  To be efficient and make more tacos at once, I used both of my cast iron skillets.

How to Make Easy Skillet Tacos

Easy Peasy Skillet Tacos

Cooking spray or any oil of your choice
Leftover chili or any beans of your choice
Shredded cheese

  1. Spray your skillets with nonstick spray or drizzle in a little bit of oil and brush to coat the surface of the skillet.
  2. Add several tortillas to your skillet in a single layer, making sure that they don’t overlap.  This will heat them and make them supple so that they can fold in half without breaking.
  3. Add 2 tablespoons of chili or beans to each tortilla.
  4. Top with as much shredded cheese as you like (approximately 1-2 tablespoons)
  5. Fold each tortilla in half, so that it looks like a half-moon.
  6. After a few minutes on one side, use a spatula to flip the taco and brown it on the other side.

That’s it.  Seriously. I told you that making these tacos was easy!

ps.  I introduced her to a few other American meals that my family loves.  She adored our pot pie – and went especially crazy for the s’mores that we made over the gas stove in the kitchen! But then again, who wouldn’t?

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