Digital DIY Kitchen – Make It. Eat It. Write about it.

Making chocolate pudding from scratch

IACP Kids-in-the-Kitchen has teamed up with Green Ribbon Schools & DooF (‘food’ backwards) to host an exciting online culinary education project for kids ages 5-18. Joining the fun in our IACP Kids’ Digital DIY Kitchen is easy – and there are lots of great prizes!

Here’s all kids need to do:

  1. Choose a food you’d normally buy in a store or order in a restaurant, then try to make it yourself.
  2. Tell us about your kitchen adventure (in words, photos and/or video).
  3. Share the fun with other kids on the Green Ribbon Schools website

Prize winners will be chosen at random — every kid who enters has a chance to win! We’ll also be featuring a few of our most distinguished entries on the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) website, where kids will get feedback from professional food writers, photographers, stylists and TV folks!

For project details and entry info, please visit our Digital DIY Kitchen page at Green Ribbon Schools


  1. Go to
  2. Click the “register” button on the upper right-hand corner of the home page. Students, teachers and parents should log into Green Ribbon School using the name of your school* (or child’s school*) – or use this info from IACP Kids-in-the-Kitchen:School/Organization: IACP Kids-in-the-Kitchen
    Location: San Francisco, CA
    Your Role: Student or Parent (Teachers logging in using IACP KIK information should choose the role “Parent.”)
  3.  After you’ve registered, go to your “My Projects” page:
  4.  Enter the Invite Code into the Join Project box on your My Projects page.
    Project Invite Code: tw9790-2253-5

This will take you to the “Results Page Builder,” where kids can start entering their submissions. You can use create individual pages for each student ­ or one page for your entire class.

Digital DIY Kitchen project description and guidelines

*Teachers can register their schools to be part of Green Ribbon Schools (which is simple, free – and includes lots of great benefits for students and teachers). If you love video and computer games, be sure to check out their amazing Healthivores contest!

NEED HELP WITH THE GREEN RIBBON SCHOOLS SITE? Get answers from GRS by using the site’s “help” and “contact” features.

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE PROJECT? Please contact Laura Martin Bacon

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One Response to Digital DIY Kitchen – Make It. Eat It. Write about it.

  1. Linda Montgomery says:

    One of my students wants to enter the cooking contest, and I have registered with Green Ribbon Schools, using the IACP Kids-in-the-kitchen and Invite Code.
    What is the due date for the student’s submission?

    Thank you
    Linda Montgomery

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