Cooking With Kids Made Easy Challenge

Cooking with Kids Made Easy - a Free Challenge from What's Cooking with Kids, starting on November 1, 2016

Cooking with Kids MADE EASY:
a Month of FREE Weekly Activities

Our November Challenge has ended.
Stay tuned for a repeat in a few months!

Do you want your kids to love healthy foods?  Learn how to be safe in the kitchen?  Make their own snacks?  I’m here to help.  In just a few weeks, you’ll feel confident when you call your kids into the kitchen and you’ll spend quality time being productive together.

Join our Cooking with Kids Challenge!

During our month-long FREE Cooking with Kids Challenge, I’ll be sending you weekly emails with a menu of simple ideas and recipes to try.  By participating, you’ll gain the skills to transform your kids into valuable assistants in the kitchen.

Are kids messy? Yep.  Does working with them in the kitchen take some extra time? Yep again.  But believe me, when they are a little older and making you dinner, you’ll be glad you taught them these skills when they were young!

I’ll help you with…

  • Tips for how to find time to get the kids into the kitchen.Don’t worry – I don’t expect you to make all of your family’s meals with your kids! We are going to start simple so you can celebrate wins every time you bring the kids into the kitchen.
  • Safe tools for kids to use
  • Identifying age-appropriate jobs your kids can do in the kitchen
  • Picking simple recipes that your kids can be proud of

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often will I be hearing from you?
    I’ll be sending you one email a week for a month. Emails will include information, support and a simple assignment (or challenge) for you to do in the kitchen with the kids.
  • Do I need any special tools or equipment for this challenge?
    Nope.  I’ll show you how to safely cook with kids using tools that are already in your kitchen.
  • We both work – do you seriously think we have time to cook with our kids, when we are rushing just to get meals on the table?
    Yep – I’ll give you strategic tips for the best times to (calmly!) cook with your kids.
  • How can I keep my kids safe in the kitchen? Isn’t it dangerous?
    I’ll offer lots of ideas for how your kids can be safe and successful in the kitchen.  It’s no more dangerous then letting them climb on the playground or using scissors for an art project. I’ll show you how.
  • I have kids of different ages at home. How will I manage them both?
    I have a great list of developmentally appropriate tasks for kids of all ages.  Plus, with my experience teaching 30 students at a time, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for managing more than one kiddo at once.
  • Does this challenge cost anything?
    No! It’s free to participate in this challenge.  Of course, you may need some ingredients if you plan to use any of the recipes. But heck, you would need to go to get groceries in November anyway.
  • Can my friends join us?
    Of course!  It’s wonderful to have an accountability partner, and it’s fun to see which tools, tasks and recipes each of you choose!  Simply send them the link to this page (or share on your social media!) and invite them to join us!

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