Charlotte’s Web Themed Recipes

Charlottes Web themed cooking activities for kids via

At my son’s school, he reports that every teacher has the final countdown to summer on the board.  I used to do the same thing when I was a classroom teacher, although now I wonder if it made the students feel that I couldn’t wait to be rid of them.  I’m pretty sure they understood that I was just as excited for summer vacation as they were.

Summer Reading

On the flip side, teachers and parents swap positions over the summer.  It’s the job of the parents to figure out how the kids will spend their time during the long summer days.  Keeping kids busy isn’t enough.  Kids need to keep their brains active – and reading is one of the best ways to do that.  Did you know that many children lose THREE months of reading skills over the summer, if they are not reading regularly?  How about combining reading with cooking activities?  You can read the book together, you can read it aloud, or you can even listen to the audiobook version in the car!  All of these reading strategies will keep up their reading skills, build language, and will give kids life skills and confidence!

This Charlotte's Web set of activities will keep your kids busy and happy on a long summer day: Cooking, community service and more, via

Charlotte’s Web Themed Recipes

Don’t let the idea of hosting a cooking playdate intimidate you.  I have lots of suggestions here to keep things running smoothly.  To make the planning easier for you, I put together 4 original Charlotte’s Web themed recipes.

  • Wilbur in a Blanket*
  • Charlotte’s Pastoral Pesto
  • Spider Web Corn (Silk) Saute
  • Barnyard Blackberry Puffs*

While many of my cooking activities for kids don’t require an oven, two of the recipes here do* – mostly because they are designed to be done at home over the summer, instead of in a classroom.

Easy but Meaningful Community Service Activity

When I think back to the cooking camps I used to teach, the kids all told me that aside from the delicious food, they really connected with our community service activities.  One in particular that resonated with them was making paper placemats for seniors in a nearby residential facility.  The kids all told me stories about how they feel loved by their families when they share meals together, and that by sharing placemats with seniors, perhaps they might feel a little less lonely at mealtime.  Because Charlotte’s Web is a story about love, and because “food = love” to me, I decided to incorporate this service activity into this cooking activity bundle.

More Summer Reading Themes for Kids in the Kitchen

What are your kid’s favorite books?  Please leave a comment to tell me which books they would like to use for themed recipes – I’ll add it to my list!

Thank you! xo M.

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