Blog Action Day: Water – Kids and the Environment

Drinking water

Water. Every living creature depends on it.  We drink it, critters swim in it, plants are thirsty for it.  And yet, the children of our nation swill soda and juice, rather than clean, clear water, and our factories, cars and factory farms contaminate it with pollution.  That’s not the way to treat something we care about.

We should be teaching our children how good it tastes, right out of the filtered tap.  Who needs disposable plastic water bottles?  Sure, they are convenient.  And cheap.  But they cost our planet a lot of resources.  Did you know that it takes 3 liters of water to produce 1 liter of bottled water? Yep, you read that right.  And imagine the energy and fossil fuels required to produce the bottles and get them into the homes of the consumer.  Energy is required to: make the bottles, suck up, store and drive the water to the factory, transport the bottled water from the plant to the store, get the customer to and from the store and finally, refrigerating it when it gets home (if cold water is your thing.)

Now imagine a more earth-friendly alternative: the customer walks to the cabinet and removes a glass, walks to the sink, turns the handle, and fills the glass.  Voila.  The customer would hardly even burn any calories with that method! “But wait!” you say.  You need to take water with you to the office or on your walk.  Skip on the plastic disposable bottle – 38 billion of them end up in landfills each year!  Try a reusable bottle instead and fill it on the go. And don’t forget to send a BPA-free bottle to school with your child, filled with filtered water from home. (Many schools don’t have enough water fountains to serve the entire student body, and the ones they have are often plumbed with old pipes and are germ factories from kids licking them…or worse.)

As for our beverage of choice at home? We are bubbly-water fanatics.  But instead of buying zillions of bottles of the stuff, we make our own.  Our Penguin is like our third child – and injects carbon dioxide gas into the filtered water that we pour into reusable glass bottles.  For real. And even better – when the CO2 cartridges run out, we turn them in and get full ones in return. Get it? It’s reusable. It’s responsible.  We feel safe giving it to our kids. It’s just water, after all.  But it feels fancy. You know, because of the bubbles. And maybe a slice of lemon.

Oh yeah.  One more important reason to preserve and protect water…

water is refreshing

it is fun and refreshing on a hot day.  And our kids, and their kids, and their kids will need this precious resource too.

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6 Responses to Blog Action Day: Water – Kids and the Environment

  1. Lydia says:

    Wonderful, thoughtful post.

  2. Kristen says:

    I agree with Lydia. Your posts are always so motivating and thoughtful and purpose driven. I love it!

  3. I love this! Kiddo loves taking his stainless steel water bottle to school everyday…it even has a little cup for the lid and it’s still cold when he gets home!

    Great reminder…and I need to look into that Penguin!

  4. astott says:

    I love these photos!

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