What Makes Us Green

What’s Cooking is proud to promote the use of locally grown, organic ingredients.  We are passionate about educating our students and their families about the environmental and health benefits of making sustainable and responsible purchasing decisions.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (and Compost!)

  • We conserve energy with fluorescent lights and Energy Star equipment.
  • We recycle all paper and purchase paper goods made with recycled content
  • Set word processing defaults for smaller fonts and margins that minimize paper use
  • We reuse office paper as scratch paper
  • Use reusable items instead of disposables (cloth dish towels, dishes, eating utensils, water bottles etc)
  • Use e-mail as the preferred mode of communication with customers and staff instead of direct mailings
  • We compost suitable food materials from our classes.  If we teach in someone’s home, we save these items and compost them at home.
  • Buy products in bulk, to eliminate unnecessary packaging
  • Re-use packing materials
  • Centralize purchasing to eliminate unnecessary purchases and / or transportation and shipping
  • We conserve fuel by using a hybrid vehicle, carpooling whenever possible and consolidating trips


  • Preference for doing business with other green vendors, or vendors who use natural, organic and sustainable ingredients or materials
  • Use local vendors when possible
  • Use companies that produce products in the USA and who use a socially responsible production method
  • Select products that promote a waste-free lifestyle (reusable water bottles, lunch bags, produce bags, sandwich wrappers etc)

Why we love using Organic Ingredients:

  • Organic foods are grown without the use of pesticides.  They taste wonderful and are free of chemicals.
  • Avoiding the use of chemicals helps to protect our water resources.
  • Organic farming promotes a healthier ecosystem, which benefits wildlife and promotes biodiversity.
  • Organic farmers care for the health of their workers, who are not exposed to toxic chemicals.
  • We prefer not to eat foods that have added chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and drugs.
  • Free Range and Cage Free animals are less likely to be treated inhumanely.
  • Organic farming saves energy because it is more likely to be practiced with care by humans, instead of by fossil-fuel dependent machinery.
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