MichTeensyWhat’s Cooking with Kids is a Certified Green business devoted to educating people about eating in a way that is healthy for their bodies, the planet and community.  Our unique approach to teaching includes charitable events that motivate families to step up to the plate to use food & cooking as a means to help the less fortunate.  While we used to offer cooking classes and parties, our services are now focused on workshops for parents and educators, consulting, and helping other entrepreneurs to start their own business.

Michelle Stern, Owner of What’s Cooking with Kids and Author of The Whole Family Cookbook:
After a post-collegiate stint at studying primate mating behavior, I taught high school biology and environmental science for 5 years. For the past 11 years, I have focused on my own two wonderful children, various 4-legged pets, backyard chickens and quickly expanding vegetable garden.  In the Fall of 2011, I returned to the classroom to teach high school biology again.  I can’t wait to incorporate food into the curriculum!

What’s Cooking with Kids is a certified-green company that offers healthy and seasonal cooking classes to kids in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not only do my classes teach kids and their families to enjoy delicious home-made foods, but they also motivate families to use food and cooking to help those less fortunate.  My book, The Whole Family Cookbook, came out in March, 2011.

Our blog shares recipes, tips on cooking and planning meals with kids, and ideas of how we can help our community and planet through food and cooking.

Because so many people asked, here are a few more details about my transition from high school teacher to where I am now. I couldn’t leave you hanging, could I?

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  1. angela mcdonald says:

    Hi, I am interested in starting childrens cooking classes. I have currently started healthy cooking demonstration and nutrition classes for adults but I have not had the response I had hoped for. I do have a few questions if you don’t mind. Should I charge by the month or day? How do you set up a schedule for classes?