30 Days to a Food Revolution: Grassroots Change

IBlogRealFoodI’d like to give a warm welcome to the new visitors who found my blog through Diane Elbin’s awesome 30-Days to a Food Revolution blog event!  It’s such an honor to be included with such an incredible group of moms, dietitians, chefs and teachers.

Diane hand picked 30 bloggers, one for each day of the month, to write about shifting away from processed foods to real foods.  Real foods? As opposed to what? Pretend foods?  No, what I am talking about are foods that come from REAL ingredients – you know, the types of things you can actually pronounce when you read labels.  Of course, real foods also refer to those that have been picked right off the plant, vine, bush or tree.

Jamie Oliver led an amazing food revolution in one community – and it is up to us to be sure that it continues everywhere.  As a cooking teacher for children, I am certainly doing my part – and I hope that with a little encouragement, you can do yours, too!  Be sure that you visit Diane’s Blog to read all of the amazing ideas that came from this challenge.  And don’t miss my post about cooking farm fresh food on top of hay bales with kids (who said that cooking has to be done in a kitchen?).

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