What’s Cooking with YOUR Kids – Letting Kids Be Creative

Thanks for starting this part of your blog site! I love that you are bringing all these families together this way.  I don’t know very many people who enjoy doing this as much as I do.  I come from a pretty strong background in Early Childhood Education so being able to bring these two elements into my kitchen with my daughter has been a priceless experience.

PantryDish1This time around I got the chance to bring my niece and nephew into our little cooking rendezvous and we had a blast!  It was their meal from start to finish.  We went to the store and I let them pick out their own ingredients.  We even used the child sized shopping carts that Mi Pueblo Supermarket has.  I have to admit I was pretty surprised at what they put into their shopping cart.  We got home, made the dough from scratch, let it rise, rolled it out, and they made their own pizzas as they pleased.  They were in complete control of their pizzas which I must say turned out to be delicious.

One of my favorite forms of expression from children is in their creativity, so when they asked if they could cut their dough into smaller pieces, I said of course.  When they asked if they can make shapes, I said of course.  When my niece made her tiny pizzas with only one piece of olive on them, I helped her make room for the larger pieces.  Who am I to say that won’t work?! If I could make just one recommendation to anyone reading my story who may still be skeptical to all this (though I don’t think many foodies are), I would say…whenever possible, take the why not approach.  Why not let children explore with something that is meant to be a natural and continuous part of thier daily life?  If you think about it, children eat more often and are born with a less experienced pallate than an adults, so why not let them help make the meals that they eat.  Eating is something that will be a part of them for the rest of their lives, why not teach them how to do it right!

Thanks again Michelle for allowing us all to help you spread the word about the joy that can come from cooking with kids.  I look forward to reading more of these posts!

Warmest wishes for a happy and clean kitchen,
Stephanie Chavez

Do you have any fun stories and photos to share about cooking with YOUR kids?  I hope to share at least one reader story every week and can’t wait to hear about your adventures in the kitchen with your kids. Here is what you need to do.

p.s.  Pass it on!

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  1. Maria says:

    Making pizza with the kiddos is so fun! Great post!

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