What’s Cooking with YOUR Kids: Send in Your Stories

People on Twitter are starting to get excited about my new What’s Cooking with YOUR Kids series, and have asked how to participate.  I thought I’d outline the easy steps here, so people can take a gander and get inspired.  Let’s try to get the word out there that it IS simple to cook with your kids AND everyone should try it.  Believe me, the results are worth it!  QuicksandGirlWEB

Kids who cook:

  • are better eaters (and complain less at mealtime!)
  • eat a more varied diet
  • learn important skills that they will use for their entire lives
  • learn to cooperate and follow directions

Here’s how to participate in What’s Cooking with YOUR Kids…

  • Call your kids into the kitchen and cook up some fun together.
  • You could use one of the recipes I have included on my blog or you could pick one of your own.
  • Or, you could try doing one of the food-related community service activities that I get so darned excited about
  • Take a few photos, write down the funny things your kids say or jot down some notes about how well the recipe or service project worked…or didn’t
  • And then send me an e-mail (michelle (at) whatscookingwithkids (dot) com) with
    * your story
    * some photos
    * and a link to your website or blog, if you want me to mention it
  • Stay tuned:  I’ll post these stories on the blog – and hopefully your enthusiasm will encourage other families to cook or do service with their kids, too.

Do you have a blog?  Please tell your readers about this!  Let’s generate a lot of buzz – we will link back to everyone who participates.

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10 Responses to What’s Cooking with YOUR Kids: Send in Your Stories

  1. Leora says:

    Once upon a time my then 9-year-old didn’t like what I made for supper, so he took out our family chocolate cake recipe and made it all on his own. Now if a 9-year-old bakes totally on his own, who’s to complain that his supper is chocolate cake?

    I’ll ask my 7-year-old daughter if I can photograph her while she cooks. I like your idea!

    • Thanks for sharing the cute post about your humpty dumpty eggs – I think you have shared it before. Feel free to participate in this series by sending in some new photos and stories :-)

  2. Sue Hutchison says:

    Today, I made brownies with my 4 1/2 year old twin boys. Justin cracked an egg perfectly and dumped it into the bowl, handing me two intact halves of shell. James agreed it was OK to substitute homemade pumpkin puree for most of the oil as a “secret ingredient”. They are getting to be so much fun!

  3. Thanks for sharing Sue! It’s awesome that you are cooking with your young boys – aren’t they amazing?


  4. Kris Mulkey says:

    My daughter and I love cooking and baking together. She loves helping to create things in the kitchen, and she’s a much more adventurous eater because of it. She’s not afraid to try something new (most of the time.) And really appreciates fresh ingredients and food with flavor. She can tell the difference between our home-made pesto and store bought, and our home-made turkey meatballs and others. She get’s that home-made food, with good ingredients tastes better!

    Even when things don’t go as planned, she still learns something, and can appreciate the experience, like our truffle cookies, http://whatscookingkris.blogspot.com/search/label/cookies they were a disaster, and she was such a good sport.

    I’ve even converted some of her incredibly picky friends. Sometimes it’s all in the presentation.

  5. I love what you are doing. I cook for with the help of two two 1/2 year old twin boys every day. They can’t eat their pasta without freshly grated parm reg being grated over their pasta. They use the pepper mill. They whisk eggs, make pasta, and roll out pizza dough.
    They have a real keen interest in the whole process and my viewpoint is the “process” is just as important as end result. It’s the time you can spend time with kids, encouraging fine motor skills, math, good health and relationships at home. It’s beneficial on so many levels. I’ll add you to my blog roll.

  6. I made these easy-peasy dumpling with my little one and she loved them but ate them with ketchup…enjoy!


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