Healthier Desserts for Your Family

After working for over a month to organize our 2009 Great American Bake Sale events, it seems pretty ironic that I am writing a post about healthier desserts options for your family.  Maybe it is my guilty conscience – I filled up our community with sugar (it was for a good cause), and now I am compensating by giving you healthier options that you can add to your repertoire.

We have already talked about how challenging it can be to negotiate desserts with your kids.  Instead of offering dessert every night, you could offer it as a special way to honor good behavior or celebrate an achievement.  Some of my readers asked me for some healthier versions of “typical” desserts.  Not only do these recipes taste great, they include healthy ingredients – so it’s almost like they are contributing to your family’s nutrition!

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3 Responses to Healthier Desserts for Your Family

  1. Great post … and thanks for linking to our chocolaty banana pops. My kids love chocolate … but they also love fruit-based desserts too. The Frozen Fruit Whiz from Perfect Pantry sounds yummy and perfect for summer. I think I’ll make it the next time it’s hot outside (not sure New England weather will cooperate today).

  2. Thanks Liz,
    I can’t wait to try these desserts too. We made home-made strawberry ice cream the other day with my bounty from the farmer’s market. But I woke up to a hail storm this morning – so who knows when it will be hot enough to make some of the other recipes here :-)

  3. For my family, I try to avoid handing out treats as an award. For a long time I was giving my kids some sort of dessert every night. But we’ve moved away from that. These days I try to occasionally surprise them with a random treat and it’s much more exciting. But it pretty much only happens when I already have something made up from earlier or the day before. Or a nice bowl of fruit and yogurt can do the job (whipped cream and sprinkles on top don’t hurt).

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